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Create a web-friendly REST API

Create a web-friendly REST API

The web as we use it every day is rich of a past that a few know. How REST was designed and what are the best practices in the design, development and architecture of REST APIs? What are the tools that will accompany you from design to deployment and supervision of your APIs? What are the threats and vulnerabilities to which your APIs are exposed? We will find out during this training.


1 - Day 1

  • Introduction to REST
  • The APIs new heart of the web
  • REST in the WEB through history
  • The REST architecture
  • Web standards HTTP, URL, HTML
  • HTTP methods
  • URLs, URIs, IRIs and URNs
  • What is a resource?
  • Richardson's Maturity Model
  • Hateoas?
  • What is hypermedia?
  • What are Semantics and Linked Data?
  • RDF
  • Open Vocabularies
  • The main conventions
  • Versioning your API
  • Having good tools
  • API Management
  • Securing your API
  • CORS
  • Authorization and identification
  • JOSE