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Discover Vulcain

Discover Vulcain

Vulcain is a brand new protocol using HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs. An open source gateway server which you can put on top of any existing web API to instantly turn it into a Vulcain-compatible one is also provided! It supports hypermedia APIs but also any "legacy" API by documenting its relations using OpenAPI.


1 - What's REST

  • APIs refresher: REST, Hypermedia, JSON-LD + HTTP, Hydra / HATEOAS
  • APIs at the heart of the Web today
  • What about GraphQL?

2 - Data aggregation

  • Sparql
  • TripleStore
  • RDF

3 - Performances

  • Overfetching
  • Underfetching
  • Cache consideration

4 - HTTP/2+

5 - Introducing Vulcain

  • Pushing relations
  • Filtering resources

6 - The Vulcain Gateway Server

7 - Mapping a "Legacy" API