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Mastering Symfony

Mastering Symfony

Reach the highest level of Symfony expertise and master the best practices to extend, override or customize this tool.


1 - Manipulating services with Symfony

  • Symfony's "warmup" phases
  • Symfony's application cache
  • Compilation passes
  • The kernel, the container, service definitions, references and parameters
  • Definition of a tag
  • Linking a tag to an interface
  • Defining a compiler pass
  • Management of an automated menu through a tag and a compilation pass
  • Simplify it all with _instanceof, autoconfigure: true and !tagged services

2 - Audit your application with the profiler

  • Configure the logs to collect them
  • Analyze the data collected from the Profiler
  • Analyze the data collected from the code 
  • Customize the profiler and collect business data
  • Configuring the profiler for the production environment 
  • Extend the Web Debug Toolbar and Web Profiler.
  • Audit the performance of your code with StopWatch
  • Audit the performance of your code with BlackFire

3 - Trigger command line actions

  • Create a synchronous action
  • Create an asynchronous action
  • Waiting for the end of an action
  • Interactive and verbose command line

4 - Symfony and security

  • How the Guard works
  • Customize the Guard
  • Manipulating and triggering actions with the built-in impersonate feature

5 - Symfony and its flow of events

  • Exploiting Symfony events
  • Create your own events as extension points
  • Connect to business events

6 - Symfony and its configuration

  • Open yourself to bundle creation
  • Create a configuration
  • Designing its architecture
  • Preparing its extensibility
  • Preparing its configurability
  • Monitoring actions

7 - Test your code