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Introduction to API Platform

Introduction to API Platform

API Platform is an Open Source tool completely integrated with Symfony which makes building functional, secure and powerful web APIs easier. It is the tool that enables to create the most advanced new generation APIs on the market. This training course will introduce you to this framework and its key functionalities and will therefore make the construction of "API first"-oriented applications easier.


1 - Introduction

  • APIs refresher: REST, HATEOAS, hypermedia, GraphQL
  • APIs at the heart of the Web today
  • JavaScript and Progressive Web Apps
  • API Platform, Symfony and React
  • Immediate benefits

2 - Creating an API

  • Setting up your development environment with Docker
  • Creating your data model
  • Serializing your data
  • Validating your data
  • Filtering your data
  • Paginating your data
  • Managing your users
  • Securing your data
  • Creating custom operations
  • Hooking into events
  • Customizing the OpenAPI documentation
  • Customizing the Hydra documentation
  • Uploading images
  • Testing your API with Behat
  • Caching your data

3 - Generating your data model using open vocabularies

4 - Generating an API admin interface with React

5 - Generating a React WebApp

6 - Deploy your API to production with Docker