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Introduction to React

Introduction to React

Created by Facebook, React is an Open Source JavaScript library used by web giants such as Airbnb, Netflix, or Instagram. The main benefit of this tool is to simplify the creation of flexible, powerful and easy-to-maintain Single Page Applications. React apps are also easy to migrate towards native mobile apps thanks to React Native. Discover the basics of React, the best practices to implement, and dive, together with our trainers, into its thriving environment.


1 - ES6+ and React

  • Discovering the ecosystem
  • Understanding variable declaration
  • Understanding destructuring
  • Discovering the default values
  • Understanding classes
  • Discovering string manipulation
  • Understanding arrow functions
  • Understanding asynchrony
  • Discovering object manipulation
  • Understanding modules

2 - React

  • Understanding the concept of Virtual DOM
  • Discovering the different forms of a Component
  • Discovering the lifecycle of a Component
  • Understanding the difference between props and state
  • Understanding JSX
  • Managing events
  • Using hooks
  • Using contexts
  • Understanding fragments
  • Tooling

3 - Mastering JS libraries: React Router

  • Setting up a routing system

4 - Mastering JS libraries: Formik

  • Creating a form with React
  • Retrieving a form's data from an API
  • Advanced forms with Formik

5 - Useful libraries

  • react-intl and react-i18next
  • SWR and React Query
  • Material-UI

6 - Tests

  • Testing your app using Jest
  • Writing E2E tests with Nightwatch

7 - SSR and static rendering with Next.js framework

  • Next.js framework
  • SSR and static rendering

8 - Practical workshops