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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Learn about Progressive Web Apps challenges and obstacles in order to optimize your application and thus guarantee the best possible user experience.


1 - Introduction to the concept of Progressive Web Apps

2 - “Mobile friendly” design

3 - Banners and installation of a webapp on a smartphone's home screen with the “web app manifest”

4 - HTTPS, local development and Let’s Encrypt

5 - Detecting and preventing mixed content

6 - “Offline” mode, cache, and slow network management with service workers

7 - Performance: advice and techniques to speed up webapp

8 - Making your app accessible to disabled people with the WAI norms and the ARIA roles

9 - Tidying Google results with structured data, “rich snippets” and

10 - Tidying social network integration Swith Open Graph and Twitter Cards

11 - Canonical addresses canoniques and HTML5 history

12 - Integration with the browser's password manager thanks to Credential Management API

13 - Native payment with Payment Request API

14 - Push notifications

15 - UX best practices

16 - Discovering Google Lighthouse

17 - Optimizing your application with Lighthouse